Friday, September 16, 2011

I write storys about things I would like to have done

 Hi, I call myself piloto, Italian or Spanish for racing driver. I'm 68 years old, have followed racing since the fifties. I've spent my working life caring for my family. Now I've found that the racing life I dreamed of could be lived in a book. I wrote "Everything but my life" in the first person. Dan Crawford, my alter-ego races in Formula One during the sixties against the great drivers of the era. Dan's story gives voice to my thoughts. It explores the triumph and the tragidy of racing from a drivers perspective.

My current book is about Korean War pilots from the perspective of another of my alter-egos, Bobby Ryan.
Through Bobby I give myself the experience of testing myself among the Hot Shots and Honchos who met in combat above the muddy Yalu river.

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